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Where’s the FUN??

Sorry for sucking the fun out of fun here, because fun for me isn’t exclusively about frivolity and kicking your heels up and letting it all hang out.

I keen to throw down the gauntlet and challenge us all to some serious fun…fun that shapes up something like this:

F: FIND the purposeful, love – yes I said love, difference delivering joy in all you do.

U: USE that to create a powerful, compelling vision that energises and sustains you.

N: NURTURE the vision by recognising and celebrating your milestone markers.

When I first ventured into business in the 90’s my catch cry and founding business principle was “If its not fun, its not done. Find the fun and get it done. Share the fun and see it done”

In essence, it boils down to if you can’t find the joy in something, then get yourself out of someone else’s way…because I guarantee there’s someone lining up for the work, and they will love it and have a vision for it.

That said, there are elements of every gig – no matter how joyful or passionate you may be – there are elements of drag and lag…we call it commitment and rising to the challenge, that’s when you dig deep into that compelling vision…the meaningful reason for showing up.

Ultimately, the more you share your vision, your mission, your love for what you’re doing…the more infectious your enthusiasm becomes…and before you know it, you’re living a fun-filled and fun-fuelled life.

This principle still beats at the heart and soul of Uber Cool School…so if you’re up for Sharing the fun and Seeing it done too…stick around…there’s plenty of fun times to go around…and there’s always room for frivolity, kicking heels and rolling good times.

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